Tuesday, January 09, 2007

cool new stuff from Apple

I have to say that Steve jobs did not under deliver today. Most people think I hate Apple, I am not sure why. Finding exploits in an OS doesn’t mean you dislike it. The amount of money I spend on Apple hardware and iTunes alone should get me some frequent buyer discount or something. The only problem I have with Apple is their PR department.

You know what I like most about Apple; they give customers what they want. A few years ago mp3s were becoming popular and people wanted a good, simple, easy to use mp3 player and Apple gave it to them. They also gave them the ability to buy music cheaply and people embraced it. I can honestly say I haven’t downloaded a song illegally since being able to buy them with iTunes.

Today Apple did it again with the AppleTV. I have been buying TV shows and movies on iTunes as long as they have been available and watching them on my computer or iPod. I even have the AV cable for my iPod that lets me watch stuff on my TV but I wanted a simpler way to do it, easier way to do it. This gadget looks awesome and it’s cheap as well, $299 for a device that has a 40gig harddrive and the ability to sync my iTunes playlist. I plan to order one today and looking forward to getting it.

I think what Apple is doing here is brilliant, pretty soon TV networks in their current form will be obsolete. The only question I have is if a show that is only sold through iTunes could make enough money to continue production?

I am less thrilled about the iPhone. From a hackers point of view it may be cool if it is actually running a real version of OSX. From a security standpoint it will sure have to handle a lot of different media and file formats and that could end up being bad. I’ll reserve judgment till I get my hands, and fuzzers, on one. I’ll say this though, it does have a sweet looking UI. Oh and EDGE only? Come on this phone needs 3g…

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