Thursday, January 18, 2007

F1 cars go vroom vroom

Ferrari shows off new F1 car.

If you know me you know I love all things that go fast. F1 is one of my favorite things not just because of the great racing but also the amount of technology that goes into each car. The development, the craftsmanship, the testing, and the refinement that goes into each of these cars is just insane. One of the biggest advances in car design comes from the ability to wireless transmit car telemetry back to the pit and even the race teams headquarters simultaneously for analysis on the cars performance. That’s pretty cool. Being in security I have always wondered about the wireless stuff. Is in encrypted? Can other teams ease drop on the feed? Does anyone audit their wireless code? It might seem that since a lot of F1 racing is about strategy knowing things like how much tire wear or how much fuel is left in a competitor’s car could provide a big advantage.

I found some older articles on this but was wondering if anyone had newer information.

Here and Here.

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