Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oakley enters the mobile device security market...kinda...

Color me surprised. A few weeks ago I was in an Oakley store in Lenox Mall in Atlanta GA. I was buying a shirt or something and was admiring the cool backpacks for computers. The sales lady then pointed me to this emo looking bag and claimed it could stop hackers.

Hold the phone. Stop hackers? She just peaked my curiosity.

"How does it do that" I asked expecting some complete fluff answer about a ninja strike team or something about snowborders of doom. In my mind I was association it with those strips you put on your cell phone to improve reception.

She said “it’s got this pocket you can put you PDA or cellphone in that blocks RF so hackers can’t connect to your devices in airports or coffee shops.”

I was floored. Not because a cute 19 sales girl seemed to know about a risk that the CEO’s of large companies don’t, but it sounded like another interesting case for debunking a bad vendor. Sure Oakley doesn’t make an IPS or an AV tool but why not debunk them like any other product. I made a mental note of this and left.

Today was the day. I returned to the store, bought the bag. I gave a nod and a wink to the sales girl after she told me to enjoy it and made my way home with haste. I couldn’t wait to put this myth to bed. I got home, pulled out my Macbook and Bluetooth mouse, scanned to make sure I could find it, put the mouse in the “shielded pocket” then searched again.

It wasn’t found.

I then spent another hour or so trying different devices in this pocket ranging from wifi to even my cellphone (in the pocket the cellphone could not even receive calls). I have to admit I was amazed, a security product that worked exactly as advertised. It appears that the shielded pocket is some sort of Mylar that basically turns it in to a faraday cage. This pocket works very well. It sucks the laptop area is not covered as well but this is a great start.

This is the perfect accessory for hacker cons or airports.

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