Thursday, February 01, 2007

George Ou's hack gets a marketing name...


I know, I know it seems like the kinda name a trendy techno club with a line of pretty people waiting outside would have. Give it a chance, say it a few times, SHOUT HACKING! Or better yet George Ou presents SHOUT HACKING! (it must be in all caps)

I am taking a bullhorn to RSA, who is with me?

Sales Guy:"Today I will be demoing a brand new product to stop.."
From the crowd: "START LISTENING"
Sales Guy:"all forms of 0day attacks..."
From the crowd: "START"
Sales Guy:"There is not an attack that can get around this..."
From crowd: "SHUTDOWN"

The demo machine shuts down

Sales Guy: "Uuuhh...The battery must have died..."

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