Sunday, February 04, 2007

Gruber is upset about a Gates quote, not about the lack of security technology in OSX

Mr. Gruber,
Thats what you are upset about?!?! You cover a company that is notorious for PR spin and you are upset about Bill Gates making a comment? Bill Gates made a comment, he didn’t run a marketing campaign based around something absurd like “we don’t have security problems”. So following this logic you must be highly upset with Steve Jobs for daring hackers to find holes in OSX with that marketing campaign. I firmly believe that 2006 was one of the worst years for Apple security because of those ads and 2007 isn’t looking much better.

You are not mad that Microsoft's latest Operating Systems out classes OSX hands down in the areas of security and anti-exploitation technology but instead one comment Bill Gates made to a reporter? Tell you what, when Microsoft starts running commercials that feature the Month of Apple Bugs then you have every right to complain. How about until then you demand Apple tell you when similar security features will be added to OSX that are now shipping in Vista. Also please note I didn’t even bother commenting on things like UI design because its not really my area of knowledge so I refrain from offering my opinion on it.

I really think your anger is misplaced.

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