Sunday, March 11, 2007

A round up of things...

If you have been asking how to get Metasploit on the N800, you can find instructions here.

Its clock change time. If you have a blackberry and its not displaying the right time, you might need this patch.

I am on a eWeek panel this week with Jon Ellch, HD Moore, and Joanna Rutkowska. That’s right, 4 of the top 5 hackers on 2006 according to eWeek. I guess Mark is busy.

We will be making a new version of Ferret available at Blackhat Europe, with some really cool new features!

I also saw the 300. It made 70 million this weekend. That’s almost unheard of for a R rated movie. It’s great to see that there are movies moving away from the mindset that you have to make a movie PG-13 to make any money.

Maybe I am jaded but I didn’t really find it all that violent. A lot of reviewers seemed shocked over the level of violence, but it was more comic book style stuff that hardcore gore that you would find in something like Saw or Hostel (neither of which i really liked). Here is a tip for aspiring filmmakers, if half you movie is in slow motion you should find a different way to build drama or suspense. Every time there was a huge action scene I thought the slow-mo killed all momentum, it was like watching a music video...for two hours.

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Marisa Fagan said...

I bet it's awesome on IMAX!