Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scary Stories...

I can see it now, Halloween 2007. I’ll have my kids huddled around a camp fire.

Them: Tell us a scary story.
Me: Ok, but this one might keep you up all night, its true, and it happened on this very continent.
Them: Ooohhh…
Me: One dark night, on April 17th 2007, tax day as it happened, I clicked send on my blackberry, AND NOTHING HAPPENED.
Them: *GASP*
Me: I called the BES admin so he could fix them problem and he told me SRP couldn’t connect.
Them: Eeep.
Me: I thought at first it was a Cingular problem, but handset diagnostics confirmed it couldn’t register with the Blackberry server, RIM WAS DOWN. Everyone all over North America was engaged in a bonding experience called the RIM outage of 2007.
Them: What did you do?
Me: I had to check email on a laptop, it was barbaric. Rim also found a bloody hook in their fiber connection!!

That was my evening, except for the bloody hook part. I guess its time to look at Goodlink and Microsoft’s push email solution. Diversity is a form of security. A hiccup in one companies operation should not cause a continent of mobile users to suffer an outage.


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Robert Graham said...

Dude, you realize that when you say "military-grade encryption" that most of the people who read this blog think "snake-oil"?????