Monday, December 03, 2007

Bellsouth DNS goes belly up...

Oh wow. It seems like all of Bellsouth’s DNS for DSL customers is out. I switched mine to OpenDNS: It cleared up my issues.


Donald McMorris Jr said...

I can confirm that this is a seemingly widespread issue. We have issues at the office (Norcross, GA) and home (Lawrenceville GA). We first noticed issues early in the afternoon (about 2-3PM), but blamed the outage on the security system (we lost power to our panel, and thought it may've dialed the monitoring center to report it). At about 6:30, however, we found DNS was completely failed.

I personally used the DNS of another ISP as a go-between. A suggestion in my searches also suggested using and

George said...

A timely lifesaver. Thank you very much :) Try dialing their support line (1-888-321-2375) -- they seem to have decided to take the phone off the hook for the rest of the evening/night.

John Roberts said...

Thanks for making the switch, though I'm sorry it took an outage to make it happen.

John Roberts