Sunday, April 06, 2008

LookingGlass 1.1

We are releasing LookingGlass 1.1.

In addition o some bugfixes we have added the ability to define which “unsafe clib functions” you care about. Now when LookingGlass starts it will check the current directory for a file called lg-policy.txt. This file contains the policies and functions they contain. Right now there is a “Microsoft SDL” policy and a “Errata SDL” policy. To create a new policy you can just edit the lg-policy.txt and start you new policy with “#Policy:” and end it with “#Policy End”. In the middle you can add each function you wanted reported if found on individual lines. You need to restart the program after adding a new policy. It can be selected at runtime in the policy combo box.

You can find it at


cw said...

Hi guys, thanks for the tool. I have had intermittent problems with it though such as "the application failed to initialize properly (0xc00000135)". I haven't done any real debugging on it but was wondering if this was common and if you have any tips on avoiding this. If it will be useful, I will try to debug it but your skills are a bit better in that area :)

cw said...

just a missing DLL, .net framework was not installed, dumb error on my part.