Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh the zealots will be on the warpath...

I can't wait to see what excuses the Mac zealots come up with for this or the horrible showing the iPhone had at Defcon regarding the Wall of Sheep.


scs said...

Um, at the risk of being called a zealot, how about the fact that this was a phish? There is no patch for human stupidity. This isn't an Apple security flaw, it's a user security flaw. I don't think that Apple users are any less susceptible to phishing than anyone else--if anything, not having to deal with an almost constant barrage of security issues (due to not being targeted as much in the past) probably means that they don't have the thick skin and abililty to discern real from phished e-mail.

Bill Gross said...

Macs are more secure, you are just jealous and don't know how to play nice.

The problem was with the Internets.

The Internet, or should I call it iNternet, trixed us into clicking the link and filling out the form.

No, all kidding aside.

Mac is probably no more or less secure than any other mainstream OS.

My beef is that instead of embracing the security community, they crap on us, or pay us off...

Just ask Charles Edge. Wonder what kind of enticement he got from Apple to cancel his Black Hat talk.

Apple = security fail.

That said, I happen to be on a MB right now ;0

Hey, I'm a shareholder, what can I say!