Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Firefox 0day in WinDBG

Here is a screenshot of the new FF 0day in WinDBG using the !exploitable extension. I am swamped with work right now, when I get a moment I try to post a more detailed writeup.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to test the fix--or just protect yourself early--can get candidate builds from

@nbrito said...

Hey, David... 8-)

I've published an article about this issue, and apparently it is not as new as we think.

Check it out:|en

BTW, awesome Blog... I always check it for good news (sometimes not that good ;-).

Keep in touch, buddy.


@nbrito said...

David, Mozilla just released the patch addressing this vulnerability...

The awesome news is that it is not as new as we tought - remember my previous comment.

It shows that the security community is crawling the bug tracking systems to find any vulnerability previously fixed and raised from the dead-land...

How many other vulnerabilities will we see raising?