Saturday, April 04, 2009

FBI takes down Dallas ISP

The FBI raided a Dallas ISP and took all the servers belonging to roughly 50 people.

This seems excessive. I want to see the search warrant. In America, a search warrant is supposed to be limited to a specific item being searched for. What makes our country free is that the national police can't come in and grab everything like this.

Unfortunately, in my personal experience, the FBI is a bit corrupt. Few FBI agents that deal with "cybercrime" know anything about computers. As a consequence, they can be easily manipulated to do terrible things like this. It is quite plausible that the MPAA manipulated them to do this massive server grab in order to track down who released the recent Wolverine flick to the Internet.

On the other hand, the FBI is very good at crime in general. There could be legitimate reasons for the massive grab. We'll just have to wait until data is published (i.e. the search warrant authorizing this).

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