Sunday, February 06, 2011

I'm already hating the IPv6

Looking up RFCs is really painful because the first IP address that comes back is an IPv6 address:

I takes several minutes for the browser to timeout with that IPv6 address and backoff to the IPv4 address.

But I'm otherwise prepared for IPv6 as soon as Comcast enables it. in the picture below, notice that my Internet router is IPv6 enabled, and that I'm indeed talking to it from my desktop via its IPv6 address.

So, to fix this, I simply need to turn off the IPv6 feature of my home gateway.


Paul said...

Looks like you're a victim of the "broken IPv6" epidemic. You should either fix the problem, or turn it off.

mokum von Amsterdam said...

Just wait for June 8th and see how that day will bring some interesting experiences to content providers.
Not to mention to what is going to happen to all those who will get IPv6 with no firewalling...