Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The better spammers get at solving CAPTCHAs, the harder it becomes for humans to prove that they are, in fact, humans. RECAPTCHA, in particular, has become annoying lately. I often fail the first attempt (or 100% of the attempts if going through TOR, for some reason). Here is a list of CAPTCHAs, see if you can solve them:

That's "pœna", not "poena".

It would be a mistake to think it was "Miftake"

Is it "1300.8", or "1300.8 or "1300."? 

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Mathnerd314 said...

They're possible to solve if you use Unicode; you still have to find the right character (what language is the word next "orampla" written in?).
Whether or not ReCaptcha accepts Unicode answers is a different matter entirely; from experience I think the answer is no.