Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ruby on OSX 10.8 followup

After a ton of comments privately about using Homebrew instead of Macports I decided to try it out. I did a clean install on my Macbook Pro and here are the steps I followed.

1. Install Xcode 4.6 and command line tools.
2. Open terminal and run command:
\curl -L | bash -s head --ruby

3. Enjoy ruby.

That is much easier. So much easier! Apparently rvm head will install Homebrew, all the required dependencies, and build a working copy of ruby. The #rvm channel on freenode helped me with this. I am now upset at the time I wasted trying to get the other way to work.

This may be old news to some but I wanted to throw this up because I spent a ton of time Googling and did not find a good solution, I hope this helps others. Now I am going to build the ultimate post reinstall script for setting up OSX for security people!


Duane Adam said...

Using Homebrew is easier. I tried the Macports method earlier and did not get it to work. Hm, I was wondering. How can I remove all of the changes made to the system without a clean install.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks, Dave!

Ivo Blaauw said...

Ruby 2.0 just aired.