Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Assassination of citizens: why we care

The Attorney General has confirmed that yes, they believe they can drone-strike/assassinate an American citizen on American soil. But, the AG says, this would only apply in an extremely unlikely hypothetical scenario.

That’s entirely the point: such a scenario is so unlikely that we don’t need to consider it. Instead, we need to consider the far more likely scenario that the President would abuse this power.

Government keeps breaking their promise to use their powers only in specific scenarios. For example, they promised they’d only use the Patriot Act to go after terrorists. In fact, the extreme powers of the Patriot Act are regularly used against common citizens. I personally know somebody who was patriotacted – all his possessions were confiscated by the government, even though he hasn’t even been accused of a crime. After four years, he’s likely to get his possessions back this year – though we’ll see.

Please stand with the rest of us and oppose this obvious overreach of Presidential/government authority.

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