Friday, October 03, 2014

Opt-in for upcoming Heartbleed results

On October 8, the 6-month anniversary of Heartbleed, I'm going to scan the Internet again for it. I should find about 250k devices are still vulnerable. These are things like webcams, NAS boxes, forgotten VM instances, development machines, and so on -- few real "web servers" will be vulnerable.

I will, of course, exclude from my scan everyone who has asked to be excluded. My scan list is down to only 3.5 billion hosts because of all the exclusions I do. However, asking for whitehats to exclude you from their scans is not a smart security strategy. Therefore, if you are on our exclude list, I suggest you do the reverse: opt back in.

I mention this because we are going to try something new: allow people to opt-in to the results. Send us an email, and we'll send the results of our Heartbleed scan for your address range to the "abuse" address registered for that address range.

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Unknown said...

What Address should we send an opt-in request to and is there a specific subject we should use?