Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Voters are jerks

Out and about today, jerks are proudly displaying a "I Voted!" sticker. My twitter feed is likewise full of people proudly declaring they voted. They only serve to perpetuate the problem.

Most voted for incumbents, while spending the rest of the year bitching about how bad the incumbents are.

Most base their voting on vapid political rhetoric, rather than understanding the issues. Their political analysis comes from late night comedians rather than serious sources. Those like Vox or the Economist do a good job with analysis, but of course, few read them because that would require thinking. It's much easier watching Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert and laugh about how stupid other people are.

Though, understanding the issues is really just a smokescreen. What people really vote for is to take money from other groups and give it to themselves. They mask it in issues like national defense or the environment, but it's really just a money grab.

People proudly vote in this election, where few contests are competitive. These same people ignored the primaries, where their votes could have made a difference.

People waste their vote on major parties. Frankly, we live in a one Party state with two factions, where the factions share power and collude to exclude outsiders. People proudly claim to support democracy while voting for the Parties that subvert it.

You might proudly display a "I Voted" sticker today, but I think you are just a douchebag.

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