Thursday, August 20, 2015

AshMad is prostitution not adultery

The Ashley-Madison website advertises adultery, but that's a lie. I've talked to a lot of users of the site, and none of them used it to cheat on their spouse. Instead, they used it as just a "dating" site -- and even that is a misnomer, since "dating" often just means a legal way to meet prostitutes. According to several users, prostitutes are really the only females they'd consistently meet on Ashley-Madison.

In other words, Ashley-Madison is a prostitution website, not an adultery website. "Cheating" is just the hook, to communicate to the users that they should expect sex, but not a future spouse. And the website is upfront about charging for it.

I point this out because a lot of people have gone over-the-top on the adultery angle, such as this The Intercept piece. That's rather silly since Ashley-Madison wasn't really about adultery in the first place.


Typhoonandrew said...

If the prostitution aspect is true (seems plausible, but only the users within AM know), then AM was technically encouraging both. There is nothing inherently wrong in the service AM provides, it's up to the individuals to decide if they want to use it, or trust it. I don't like moralistic stance many people are taking because to be frank: it is none of their business. Getting joy from the misfortune of others, even if they brought it onto themselves is a little sad.

lucia said...

It's hardly surprising. Craigslist men searching for women has ads like this:

>Pretty? Pretty broke? (Chicago)
>age: 39

>Just like the headline says. This is for a mutually beneficial relationship. Can be one time or ongoing. Ideally you're in >your 20s. very cute and very fun. Please provide age, description, and pics. Reply with your dress size in the subject line >so I know your real. Thanks

Just enter "beneficial" in the search, and they are easy to find.

(One of the cakes in the verify looked like Brie!)