Thursday, January 04, 2007

The behemoth awakens…and feeds…

FEED THE MOSTER!!! I mean what an interesting acquisition for Cisco. One has to stop and wonder how Cisco is going to make all this stuff work together. All joking aside it does make sense but the price seems really high. Cisco does need to do something about spam to keep their iron like grip on network infrastructure.

My only feeling about this is fear that everyone will really buy into the single vendor solution crap. For people who think that buying everything from one company is a way to go you will notice that companies that large will have divisions that appear to outsiders to be different companies. An example of this is a switch support engineer blaming a firewall support engineer for a problem and vice versa. Did this really buy you anything by having everything under one roof aside from the same slow response to security problems for all your products instead of just one?

I can see the Cisco promotions now: with any purchase of a switch or router you get a free antispam box! This doesn’t bode well for other purchases this year.

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mikedjr said...

You already know people like to only buy products from one vendor because its as simple as pie. They throw in a bunch of features, offer discounts, and the next thing you know ... you're sailing down a nice corridor of interoperability issues with the vendor's own products.

At least you have one person to sue though. BTW, I'm gonna give you a call.