Thursday, January 04, 2007

MSRC Advanced Notification & Sales Pitch

Next week is Microsoft Patch Tuesday and the MSRC released their “Advanced notification” summary. It looks like a total of 8 bugs will be released with some critical issues in the bunch. The patches and advisories are released around 1pm EST.

If you are an Errata Security customer you can expect you initial analysis by 2:30 with full analysis of critical functions following shortly after that. If you don’t know about our service: we tell our customers, and for tier 2 customers provide working exploit code, for what Microsoft told you they patched and even what they didn’t tell you they patched. We also provide expert analysis on the patches: what’s important, what’s not, and what you should drop everything to fix. We do this for almost all major vendor patches and security happenings. Customers also get access to the Errata Security research pipeline, or vulnerabilities we have found in house. Customers are notified at the same time the vendors are.

That’s enough of a sales pitch for now.

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