Monday, February 19, 2007

Errata loves ebay

Anybdoy wanna guess what these are for? If you said reversing Cisco routers for exploit and vulnerability dev you would be right. Because Cisco refuses to share vuln information with anybody, Errata is one of the few companies you can go to for details on cisco flaws.


dre said...

Uh... get a new strategy. Your competition is using:
which isn't only MIPS btw - it now also supports PowerPC (and what nice timing)

So you have IDA Pro Advanced 5 + BinNavi with the new GDB plugins or what?

If you need to know how to setup an Olive for JunOS, I can show you how to do that, too.

You should've saved yo' money for some Netscreen 5's...

Btw, what protocols / bugs are you targeting? Need some help?

Ryan Russell said...

How much to 2600's go for nowadays?

Gyan Chawdhary said...

They have not yet fixed the check heaps flaw, only the managed timer linked lists are protected .. but then again you can still overwrite the crash_already flag to a possitive num, and not make the router die .. besides IOS has many more linked list implimentations which can be abused to do the same ..

Gyan Chawdhary