Monday, March 05, 2007

Helping reporter in Bay Area

Dan Fost, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, would like somebody to help him run the FERRET tool at access points in the Bay Area. You should also bring along a copy of dsniff (Ferret doesn't actually do a good job at that, it's focused more on the broadcast info). I would also like to see any info you get.

You can contact him at:


vitaly said...

Pardon my ignorance, but will something like dsniff or Cain be useful on a wifi environment? It wouldn't seem like you would be able to pick much up, unless some sort of ARP poisoning is involved? Ferret on the other hand would be useful :)

Robert Graham said...

Yes, they would be useful to a hacker. The idea of Ferret is to demonstrate "data seapage". Whereas dnsniff focuses on secrets (such as passwords), Ferret focuses on your public info, such as mDNS/bonjour packets broadcast by your computer telling everyone who you are. The idea is to show how much information our computers publish about ourselves.

Unknown said...

The email address you posted has an extra 'o'. Should be '@sfchronicle' not '@sfOchronicle'.

I'm in the area, so I've sent an email (To the corrected address) and can hopefully help Dan.