Saturday, May 12, 2007

Toorcon Beta

I am sure you expect me to post about Bluehat as both Rob and I talked there. We are currently sitting in the Last Supper Club watching the Toorcon Beta.

Beetle is up now talking about Wi-Fight Club. He is a great speaker and the concept s super cool!

UPDATE: The next talk I really dug was the Pusscat talk on automating exploitation. The lowdown on is that Pusscat (mad reverse engineer badass) and lin0xx have combined Metasploit fuzzing and Windbg debugging to do automated exploit analysis. This stuff is super cool.
Lin0xx has more information on his site, here.

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Rhys Kidd said...

Metasploit is one awesome platform for building protocol fuzzers.

The fact that you can encapsulate your "crafted data" so easily inside all the lower layer protocols so easily is a major plus.

I'm sure we'll be seeing some Metasploit fuzzers released from those of us not under NDAs quite soon...