Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An open letter to my CEO

Dear Rob,
Wow, time sure does fly. It just seems like a mere 13 hours ago I made a post asking computer criminals not to attack on Tuesday, September 25th because it was Halo 3 launch day and a lot of Microsoft geeks would be calling into work sick/permanently incapacitated/dead.

You are not going to believe this...

On my way to bible study, after dropping off cookies to orphans and chopping wood for grandma the oddest thing happened. I got sick. My lungs/spleen/stomach/left side of brain/right leg no longer work. It's funny in a painful sort of way. It is so bad that every time I cough I solve an integral. Weird, right? Because I am such a team player I am going to go ahead and stay home, better not to get everyone sick. I know it's ice cream social Tuesday, and darn it, that upsets me but I will do this for the team.

Oh and do not call; I think I might be so contagious that the mere sound of my voice could get everyone sick. And if you do call the sounds you hear in the background are a soothing audio book I got by Eric S. Nylund on something Sci-Fi related, I can’t really remember in my current state.

Thanks for understanding,
David *cough its Halo 3 Tuesday* Maynor
PS: Ignore the picture above becasue I was actually deathly sick when it was taken.

UPDATE: Forget this, there is framerate slowdown on the first level with MAYBE 10 badguys on the screen. I'm no video gamer developer but it seems like that would be a QA check or something. Halo 3 sucks, I am going to work tommorow.

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