Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New LookingGlass version:

LookingGlass Version Released
This is a bug fix release.
The process scan now runs in a separate thread.
Process stats added.

New Version: Download at http://portal.erratasec.com/lg/LookingGlass.exe


Unknown said...

Great tool, it would be great to export the 'Unsafe function used' in the save results log file. or be able to specify what info you want saved.

pdp said...

This tool is simple but awesome. Something similar for layer 7 scripting languages should be very beneficial. I can picture something like this for firefox.

pdp | GNUCITIZEN | Hakiri

cw said...

the application failed to initialize properly (0xc00000135). Are there some undocumented dependencies? xpsp2 fully patched. thanks for the tool!

Ericlaw said...

@Curt: This is a .NET application, so you must save the tool locally before running. Otherwise, it tries to run from the Internet Zone and Code Access Security fails the privileged APIs it attempts to call.

Anonymous said...

the link doesnt work !