Thursday, December 22, 2011

Easy instructions for boycotting GoDaddy over SOPA

SOPA is a horrible internet regulation law pushed by the copyright cartels that will destroy many of the freedoms on the Internet, such as the TOR project that anonymizes network traffic for activists in repressive countries.

Go Daddy supports SOPA. Therefore, if you care about Internet freedoms, you should probably move your accounts to another registrar. This link describes how to do it in a painless manner. I'm moving my Go Daddy registrations to Network Solutions, where I already have an account.

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Webmaster said...

Go Daddy has now officially dropped its support of SOPA. It isn't against SOPA, it has no official opinion. But isn't it Go Daddy's original intent that matters? Go Daddy supported SOPA and that's the kind of internet they would like to see. I think a boycott is in order even if they reversed course after finding out how unpopular their position was.