Sunday, January 01, 2012

Predictions for 2012

We predict there is a more than 80% chance the Mayan calender is wrong and the world will not end. Other predictions we have are:


Cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud. Whatever products/services people come out with in the next year, they will position them as being perfect (or even necessary) for the cloud.


How many cybersec experts does it take to change a lightbulb? Yes, SCADA/ICS systems are 15 years behind in terms of security, and yes, there is usually a path that can be found from the Internet to these systems, but no, there is no huge danger looming on the horizon. There will be no massive power blackout in 2012, and nobody will die from a probably malicious attack.


The cyber-military industrial complex still needs more funding. Congress will pass more laws helping them.


#Anonymous #LulzSec #AntiSec #OhMy

We'll see more lulz, but no important hacks will happen, like exposing the cyber-military industrial complex that created Stuxnet.

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QaSaR said...


One of the things that concern me more (sry for my english...) is that cloud computing could mean centralitzation services, all users access to same "cloud service", so if this "same service for all users" has a bug/0-day, all users are under that!
All attackers has the same obj, the cloud service, so if it becomes compromised...
On the other hand, security managers only has "one" place to control, one system to fix, so it is suposed to be easiest to manage... but 0-day is 'unknown' bug, so no way to fix it till is known...
I dont know if I can express myself correctly, but the idea is clear?