Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A gentle intro to Dubstep

I listen to music while coding. People therefore ask me what I like listening to. That's a bad question: music grows stale the more you listen to it. The more I code, and the more music I hear, the more I need to seek out new genres. Therefore, the answer is "I listen to everything". A better question is "what new music have you listened to lately?"

Last year at DefCon, they cranked the volume on Dubstep, and I kinda got into it., and have been listening to it a lot over the last year.

I've been trying to get others into it, but Dubstep is pretty harsh. Playing "authentic" Dubstep is the surest way to turn people off. Therefore, I've put together a brief sampling of more acceptable, albeit less authentic, Dubstep songs. You can get the playlist here on the youtube.

The first three songs are "pop" -- they appear on the radio. You shouldn't find them too offensive.

The fourth song, loudly played at DefCon, is what really got me into the genre. I'd suggest playing it at high volume, but it'll overload your speakers, so be careful.

The remaining four songs are increasingly less pop and more wub. The last song of the list is pretty "authentic". Hopefully, if you've reached that point, you've built up a tolerance by listening to the previous songs.

The thing about these samples is that they are all very popular, with 20 to 100 million views on YouTube. The genre will offend you at first, but there's obviously something to it if you listen to it enough. I, too, was pretty turned off by the genre, but I got over it.

BTW, the reason I put this list together is that I just got a Google Chromecast for my TV, and needed something from the youtube to play with it. This was the answer I came up with.

Update: I'm describing authentic American Dubstep here aka. Brostep -- not authentic authentic UK dubstep :)


Kolor said...

Sad, sad day in the ITSEC world.
Shame on you :)

JimC said...

I agree with you ... I'm often changing genres, and I've been chasing down dubstep & friends for the last few months. A music website like does very well in helping you extend out from a few initial choices to a wider range of artists. Skrillex don't rate too high in my lists though, preferring deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner & the older Daft Punk stuff.

Anonymous said...

... all known of course for their dubstep productions.

Anonymous said...

Btw, would be nice yo know your opinion about this subject, mister Graham:

Backrow said...

Not sure if you'd like this but it's on every week and downloadable too:

From Vienna AT


Ericlaw said...

I violently hated country music until mid-college, when I was listening to the radio and realized that all three stations I listened to were playing the same Matchbox 20 song. I hit a country station and thought: "Well, this is revolting, but at least I've never heard it before." It too grew on me. Maybe I'm ready for dubstep?

KSigler said...

I refer you to Cyanide & Happiness:

Anonymous said...

Good that you mention it's brostep :p