Friday, August 16, 2013

Why aren't we demanding Gen. Alexander's resignation?

Every time NSA Director General Alexander speaks, Snowden releases yet another document that proves Alexander is lying.

A couple weeks ago, Alexander gave BlackHast attendees the "facts" about the NSA:
"Congress did a review of this program over a four-year period, the
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. And over that four-year period, they found no willful or knowledgeable violations of the law or the intent of the law in this program.
More specifically, they found no one at NSA had ever gone outside the boundaries ofwhat we’ve been given. That’s the fact." -- NSA chief General Alexander, July 2013

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported different facts from a Snowden-leaked document about an internal NSA audit that found 2776 incidents where the NSA had gone outside the boundaries of what they'd been given. This includes minor procedural mistakes to major violations of constitutional rights.

I suppose everything Alexander said was technically true, since the "congressional review" was different from the "NSA audit", but it's still gross deception. He acts with the ethics of the head of a police state. We should either upgrade him to the title he deserves, "Chief of the Secret Police", or ask for his resignation.

Update: Bah, this blogpost from the Washington Post points out the same problem I just did:
I guess it's an obvious point to make.

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ve may bay tet said...

Not a big deal, finaly NSA must do what must do for U.S security, the fact is not simple like people usually known.