Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Windows Mobile Registry Viewer

Because of a project I am working on now I wrote a small lightweight Windows Mobile registry viewer. Its really simple, has a few bugs, but serves my purposes just fine. Here are a few screenshots and it can be downloaded here.


PJ said...

Thanks for another handy utility! As with anything free, I have requests ;-)
- A scroll bar on the lower pane so it's easier to view things with many keys
- Copy capabilities so I can lift the keys out easily and paste them somewhere else.

Marisa Fagan said...


Thank you for your interest in Errata Security products.

The scrollbar on the lower pane has been added to the current release. Simply redownload and it should pop up.

As for the copy capability, and any other feature requests you might notices, we will be taking notes for a potential future version down the road.


PJ said...

Thanks Marisa!