Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sidejacking poem

"Hackers Can Sidejack Cookies", according to a poem recently published in the New Yorker.

For those who don't know, "sidejacking" is a new variant of cookie hijacking I came up with two years ago at BlackHat. Also, my recent post on the new Star Trek movie comes up on top when you Google "star trek sucked". The moral of the story is that if you produce enough original content, odd bits will eventually start filtering through the mass (un)conscious.


Anonymous said...

To me it seems original has nothing to do with it, you just need to keep cranking out enough content, then being a good little media whore in promoting it.

Also, if you think side jacking was original, oooh boy.....

StatlerAndWaldorf said...

Alex Stamos, is that you? We can't all ride our brother's fame and industry connections into a $350/hr consulting career, you know. Some of us gots to be hustlin' everyday.

Also, the bigger news here is that someone at Errata is reading the New Yorker. Wha? Maybe they're looking for call-in fodder for Hannity or something?