Thursday, July 19, 2012

Employee training

From: Human Resources
To: All Employees

Due to a recent wave of phishing attacks, we are now mandating a course
of Computer Based Training (CBT) on how to recognize and avoid phishing 
attacks. Go to the following site and login with your corporate 
credentials and download the CBT software:

Courses must be completed by end-of-business on Friday. Next week, 
we’ll come around to all managers to discuss any employees who have not 
completed the training.

This is humor, of course. The above link doesn't work, but if it did, in response to the login it would say "you idiot, don't do this".

Training employees to recognize phishing emails is regularly undermined by HR who is constantly phishing employees for 401k enrollment, life insurance, sexual harassment training, and the like.


Iljitsch van Beijnum said...

It would help if people, and in particular banks, would sign their mail with S/MIME.

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