Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BTC 0.1 for 'masscan' logo

I've written a tool 'masscan' that's become more popular than I thought it would be. I've decided I need a logo for it. I'm paying 0.1 Bitcoin for anybody that sends me a logo that I use. The only acceptance criteria is that I actually start using the logo. 0.1 bitcoin is only $80 at today's exchange rate, so it's not a lot of money. If you feel your time is worth more, then tell me how much it's worth: I can't start using the logo if I don't pay your price. Conversely, if I get one logo and start using it, then the next day somebody else comes up with a better logo, I'll have to pay both people: using the logo constitutes acceptance.

The following post is some information that may help you design a logo.

Masscan is a network scanner. There are lots of scanners used by hackers/defenders to scan their networks, especially the well-known 'nmap' tool. What makes masscan different is that it works well for really large networks. It's commonly used to scan the entire Internet. A logo that somehow reflected a large scale/size would be cool.

Masscan is a "command-line" tool.

Masscan is used by hackers. Thus, logos that reflected the hacker culture would definitely be appropriate.

Masscan is used by defenders, too. Actually, that's the real intended use: for people to scan their own networks and close the holes before hackers can exploit them. Thus, while it's fun to think about the black hat size of masscan, it's really used primarily by boring whitehat corporate IT people. Since corporate IT is boring, it's probably not good for a logo, however relevant.

Masscan is open-source, but I'm not a fan of open-source. I've chosen a GNU license not because I'm a fan of the neo-communist leanings of the open-source movement, but because I want to force corporations to pay me a license fee if they include the technology in their products (i.e. I'm a capitalist).

The logos for a lot of open-source projects and hacker tools are based on animals. I'm not sure what animal would be appropriate for masscan. A blue whale might represent bigness. But on the other hand, a swarm of army ants would, too, and reflect the fact that masscan sends out bajillions of small packets. Or maybe sonar from a bat. I dunno.

What's my "mission statement" for masscan? I dunno. I wrote it because (a) I could, and (b) I needed something like it. I have experience writing fast network stuff. I'm a pentester that needs to scan large networks. I didn't think others would like it, because there are lots of good scanning tools already out there.

I'd prefer line art over bitmap. If bitmap, then it has to support high resolutions.

What I want to do with the logo is put it on the website, of course. But also, I'd do other things with it, like making a sticker to paste onto my laptop. I plan on making challenge coins to give out to people who have done some really cool things with masscan beyond how I thought of using it, and those who have contributed to the project itself. When I get around to writing a book "Mass scanning the Internet", I'll put the logo on the cover.

The intended audience is fellow geeks, the sort who cover their laptops with stickers, read books with animal logos on them, and who run tools from the command-line.


irve said...

I thought of this observant bug

Vector exists, but .png is easier to look at


Unknown said...

I thought of a dog. One could think of masscan and a dachshund as a loyal friend; something you can honestly trust. Both have their intuitive senses and provide exactly the results you need.
Masscan is also playful and happy, hopefully this evokes the feelings of user-friendliness and ease of use. I want both, the mood the logo sets and program itself to feel like a fun and simple method– a breeze.
A vector obviously exists, but first let's see if you even like this. :S
My BTC address is 13yNJBzU2frRrdie8Exbv8aLws2ZiKANrx

Derathor said...

Here's what I came up with.


The field on top of the text represents a field, the network - and the gradient going over it Masscan doing it's thing.

I also incorporated the basic command line syntax on the text type.

The logo could probably work with a lot of colors - but I chose blue and green as examples.

It can also be animated pretty easily, like so:


Not particularly useful - but still. :D

Vectors are available if you take a liking for this one.


chiminou said...
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chiminou said...


Thought of a peacock spreading it's feathers in a mass array.


Unknown said...

Here's another. Tried with colors and intersecting shapes, a la twitter.

Unknown said...
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