Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Video tells children it's ok for TSA to molest them

The government wants to see (or touch) your genitals before letting you fly on an airplane (I usually opt for the touch). Recently they produced a cartoon for kids explaining to them why it's OK for the government to have access to their genitals:

I'm not sure this is the message I'd teach my children: "Don't let strangers touch you. Unless they are from the government. Then it's okay."

The video makes the claim that the TSA are well-meaning people just here to protect you. This is false. The TSA is a branch of a government that exploited 9/11 in order to grab more power.

This last year, I've flown from Europe and Japan back to the United States. In these cases their security did not demand access to my genitals, yet the planes landed safe in the United States without crashing into any buildings. I'm pretty sure that for flights departing the United States that there is little marginal benefit to screening people's privates.

PS: I may have taken a few liberties in the interpretation of the video :)


Anonymous said...

TSA also known as Gaterape.

Unknown said...

There's nothing about touching in this video.

Threebuddies said...

"PS: I may have taken a few liberties in the interpretation of the video :)"

A little??? You completely changed the topic of the video.

Jeremy's Brain said...

I have to agree, touching wasn't mentioned in the video at all. I think I would change the title and the text of this post. I usually enjoy your posts but this one is pretty far gone from the message of the video.

Granted, I probably wouldn't have even read the post had it not been for that title, nor watched the video. So maybe you have succumbed to sensationalist journalism in order to get more hits.

watcher said...

Get your women folks pudenda traced by a gloved goon. some will submit to anything.

Unknown said...

Train each child in the use of Mace, then issue every child a can and a police whistle. Until the TSA mans up to arrest the government perps of 9-11, they deserve to be Maced, every twenty minutes in perpetuity.