Sunday, October 21, 2007

Vote which of us gets tazed

Tazers and stun guns have been in the news lately, from intelligence agencies electrocuting suspects to student demonstrators getting tazed by campus police. In order to celebrate the 1-year founding of Errata Security, we have decided therefore that it's time that ONE of the founders gets tazed by a 100,000 volt stun gun.

We have set up a poll (part of a google blog feature) on the right-hand-side of this page. Vote for which founder you would like to see tazed. We will post the results Friday afternoon, with a video of the "winner" getting his just reward.

Dave would claim that Rob hates puppies and often has fields of daffodils paved over. However, Rob would like point out something evil about Dave Maynor, but can't figure out anything more evil than DAVE MAYNOR.


Neil said...


Oh No It's David said...

Oh No! It's David

Unknown said...

Why won't the poll accept 'Both' as a valid response?


Unknown said...

Hey Rob I've got your back dude..... Hey Dave I hear that when you get Tazed if you are biting down on a hard piece of rubber it helps a lot ;-)

ArchAngelo said...

You do realize that 2% of the population can have a heart attack from this?

You also realize that 1% looses bowel / bladder control.

And 99% have a headache for a few days.

April said...

A taser that emits 50,000 volts is roughly equivalent to about 0.36 joule per second. By comparison, a defibrillator emits about 200 to 400 joules per second. So, that 2% that has a heart attack typically have an underlying heart issue (or a serious amount of a stimulant in their system) prior to getting shocked. Perhaps Mr. ADD should lay off the adderal on Friday just for fun.

As for that second statistic, visit the restroom first.

As for that last one, aren't 78% of statistics made up on the spot?

Oh, just in case, Rob knows CPR, right?